Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Not a 'Democracy'- A "Dey-Mock-Us-You-See!"

YOO-HOO! Picture 'The Ultimate Whistleblower' as a strong Black Brother pulling the 'In-Denial' covers off every state in the Union in every arena of people activity, as being infested with untreated racism/colorism; in other words in: Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex and War.

What we have here is a giant 'conspiracy-by-coincidence,' a social situation which, if the dangerous denial, of untreated racism/colorism, were not so stuborn and pervasive, the costly, degrading, counterproductive misery it causes would not be continuously eroding the fabric of life for so many in these United States of America. It's an epidemic, Stupid!

But see, literally no one in public life (except Attorney General Eric Holder and former President Jimmy Carter - singularly honest and brave men that they are -) wants to admit to the thorny truth about America's hoary heritage of rancid racism/colorism.

Interestingly enough, the recent CNN-reported Face Book Poll - "Should President Obama Be Killed?" - absolutely opprobrious as it is, is nevertheless reflective of the awesome high level of willingness of the white majority public to tolerate such outrageous slings and arrows of intolerance against people of color no matter what positions they hold.

A color-unbiased observer might well ask, "Where was/is the valid outcry against such rabble-rousing colorist actions?" Sadly, as more and more incidents of unremitting bias ooze out of the woodwork, the toleration levels of the public seem to rise commensurately, for sure encouraging violence against those wearing skins of melanin. There is a price to pay for all of this negativity and it's going to be paid not only by the escalating number of victims of color bias.

This entire society already pays, and pays through the nose; just add up the millions of taxpayer dollars assessed as penalties for widespread (but mostly under-intercepted) 'racial'-color-targeting of Black males by the nation's police departments, trying as they may be, to stem such color bias, without you notice, before they're let loose in Black neighborhoods, first determining what cops are dysfunctional, by racism/colorism testing (with the www.racismtest.org [posted on www.discussrace.com] ) their individual cops with referrals to Ethnotherapeutic counseling where indicated. (Don't fail to read ex-cop Charles Castro's "NYPD BLUE LIES" for irrefutable evidence documenting such untreated racism/colorism!)

Unfortunately, untreated racism/colorism does not only hamstring the police departments; it permeates, as aforementioned, all of the people arenas of activity and must be acknowledged and firmly and formally extirpated for the good of the society.

But, it seems like "They can't handle the truth!" - 'they' being - most folk admit - the usual 'movers and shakers' who run things - dominant white males who seem to wince, shuck and jive whenever the issue of racism(colorism) is raised, but, as the recently-released bias'bustin' T-Shirt (available from (718) 856 1271 states; "If you're not playin' the race card, you're not playin' with a full deck - Racism/Colorism Must Be Dealt With- www.racismtest.org - www.discussrace.com "

Will that 'Ultimate WhistleBlower' please stand up, pull the wool off, and help heal the "You Lie!" "Banana-Eating Monkeys" "Post-Racial" "Should President Obama Be Killed"- sick shouters ( along with all of those closet colorists too afraid to air their secret but just as malevolent & unhealthy bigotries?)

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