Monday, September 21, 2009


While Decrying It

It never fails to bemuse me how otherwise intelligent folk can stubbornly persist in utilizing what seems to me to be racism/colorism-perpetuating words and phrases and still get up on platforms to decry the very same racism/colorism!

Take, for instance, the too-commonly-used inaccurate word 'races;' surely anyone claiming to be well-read has encountered, via substantiated scientific reports, anthropological material, authors such as Professor Ali Mazrui, Professor Ivan Van Sertima, Cheik Anta Diop, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Lerone Bennett, Professor Molefi asante, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Dr. Jeanie Baines,Drs. Leonard and Roslyn Jeffries, Dr. Ed Scobie, Dr. Charsie MacIntyre, among too many others to herein list, and the well-supported fact that not only is there but ONE hueman 'race,' but that it started Black in Black Africa.

If those semantic laggards haven't ever read the aforementioned authors, haven't they seen the famous Geneticist Dr. Spencer Wells videotape, "Journey Of Man?" - (available at 1-800 PLAY PBS) - which describes his amazing genetic work establishing forever the fact that "man" began in Africa, Black and beautiful and Progenitor of all of us 'earthlings,' irrespective of what color we are.

One the one hand, we, ad infinitum and nauseam, continue to hear and see TV and radio anchors and hosts and guests gabbing about 'people of all races.' On the other hand, even famous professors, popular politicians and zealous religious leaders and supposedly intelligent scholars, spout off about 'people of African descent,' meaning only Black folk (as though all huemans are not 'of African descent!) Talk about 'the blind leading the blind)

And don't get me wrong; I'm not posturing as someone who never also used such inanities! Before I began reprogramming myself from the gross, egregious miseducation in this hostile-to-color country that I received from the still-extant U.S.A (mis)education system rooted insularly in Europeanism, I used the same inaccurate phrases. (especially the nutsy meaningless word, 'interracial')

Now, every single time I hear or see these bias-perpetuating misnomers, I cringe, and whenever possible, pass on my blogged 'SEMANTICS CHART,' in an ongoing effort to resolve such untreated racism/colorism.

Even that expression, 'racism/colorism/ is an effort to persuade folk to see that the word 'race' - in its current use along with its derivatives - 'tri-bi-multi-racial' are grievously inaccurate and counterproductive in a society which prides itself as having progressive and equitable goals.

For those shortsighted individuals who think that untreated racism/colorism (and utilizing such colorist language/rhetoric) isn't 'all that important,' let me admonish them to remove their heads from the proverbial sand; there's no dignity in denial.

And for those who say 'Oh, I'm so tired of hearing about that race thing!" (there they go again) - let 'em go turn Black. Instant understanding!

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