Wednesday, September 2, 2009


To Free A Besieged People

(DENIAL: because untreated racism/colorism's still killing;
DEBT: owed for Slavery & Post Slavery Traumatic Disorder and
DEMAND: for Racism/Colorism Quotient Testing & Reparations - 'R&R')

'Leading from strength' is a survival advisory which, if I were sitting in on Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network Roundtable Planning session, I would strongly suggest:

"Because the NAN has established itself so firmly as an organization which is here to stay, and it is one to which Blackfolk automatically turn times of duress because of color-profiling, a natural corollary would be that, in leading by example, it could be a powerful voice for calling for the entire community of Blackfolk to stand together in THE DEMAND FOR NATIONAL RACISM QUOTIENT TESTING & COUNSELING! (Especially for all U.S.A. Police Departments)

In the blatant face of the Jenna nooses, Texas truck-dragging deaths, Pennsylvania swimming pool and separate drinking fountains, 'Skip' Gates JIMCROW stupid arrest, "Jungle-monkey-I'm-not-a-racist' denials, "niggardly"-Senator Sessions Judge Sotomayor Hearings, God knows how many thousands of 'Get-that-Black-Male' cop-stop&frisks, and the unremitting 'shoot-'em-dead-in-the-back' cop-killings of Black males, among too many other incidents of color-profiling, it is way past time for us as an unfairly-color-targeted mass of hueman beings to collectively state - and mean it:

'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, AMERICA!!! No more decisions about our Black lives/liveliehoods
without y'all publicly-Proving you're not pathologically-dsysfunctional by taking the Racism Quotient [Posted on ]- and where it's indicated, referred to Ethnotherapeutic counseling until you all are able to THINK STRAIGHT about color & culture!!!'

Racism Quotient Testing must be mandatory, especially for those killing police departments (if Boston Police Officer Barrett could be so completely off the wall and blatant in his color-sickness and - up to now - allowed to go about his public servant duties so psychologically-hamstrung - and supported by the Police Union! - imagine how many other victims of society's colorist conditioning are lurking within police departments and walking our unsafe streets!)

And it is definitely no credit to the police unions to rubber-stamp Sgt. JimCrowley's colorist behavior toward 'Skip' Gates. (It is a grim fact that both Barrett and Crowley are Catholic and that most of the cops who've killed Black males in Massachussetts and New York have been white Catholic male cops! At least a public statement is due us Blackfolk from the Catholic hierarchy! (Investigate & Speak Out, Guys!)

If anyone says "Tests aren't reliable; they won't adopt that Test, tesing won't cure anything," all of this is irrelevant, racism-testing is a start, in the face of such national renegade treatment of huemans wearing skins of observable melanin and in the absence of anything else that's working. As Professor Lani Guinier so aptly said (paraphrasing) "Racism needs to be publicly discussed in a non-threatening arena so as to put the issue on the front burner."

Our DEMAND for wholesale Racism Quotient Testing is a righteous one - holding this entire country of America* accountable for the life-and-limb-threatening mess in which Blackfolk've been trying to exist ever since being kidnapped from the shores of Africa; it is that untenable mess which must be acknowledged and cleaned up, by ending the vicious denial and being honest and forthright. (*'America,' because there's rampant & epidemic color-profiling in all of the "Americas," - North and South!)

The police, in fact, the entire society, must stop breaking the law - colorist behavior is against the law!- but the law needs enforcement - following up. If the Racism Quotient Test DEMAND doesn't force organizations to incorporate mandatory continuous testing & counseling, racist/colorist conditions eventually will, but many lives could be saved by our collective action NOW!"

This is what I'd present at Reverend Al Sharpton's National Action Network Roundtable Planning Session.

In Fact: Racism Test AND Reparations (R&R) are in order
for this entire hostile-to-color hemisphere to redeem itself:

to HELL with platitudinous empty-action apologies for Slavery; they are only
gratuitous in-yer-face INSULTS in their triviality;

deal with the

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