Thursday, July 30, 2009


Black Male Survival in America
Staying Alive & Well in an Institutionally RACIST Society

In the first place, 'Skip' Gates should've had his Little Black Book on him in his back pocket! (Could've even used it as ID)

In the second place, unless Blackfolk understand the nature of the epidemic, nasty, inherited disease of untreated racism/colorism in its awful entirety, as us color-targeted folk daily experience it, the confrontations will escalate - given the egregious miseducation of the masses as to who exactly they really are: the descendants of Black Africans who originated huemanity in Black Africa!

And as much as 'oppressed-by-white-notions-of-supremacy' oppressed folk don't like to be connected so closely with oppressors - 'All'a we is one!'

As a result of such mass ignorance of self and intolerance of others seemingly 'different,' 'Gates' occurrences - and worse, like dead Black males Sean Bell, Eamon Morales, Amadou Diallo, Patrick Dorismond, Paul Maxwell, Anthony Baez, Ron Hakmaat,Kiki Battle, Shem Walker and even Black cop Omar Edwards* - among too blasted many of cop-killed Black males listed on the mordant back pages-lists in The Little Black Book, we've gotta' see to it that this survival manual is in every Black male hand in this hostile-to-color country.
*Notice that the names reflect the fact that cops didn't ask what language they spoke what work they did, how much money they had in the bank or what country they were from before firing! ALL COPS SHOULD BE MANDANTED TO TAKE THE WWW.RACISMTEST.ORG [POSTED ON WWW.DISCUSSRACE.COM] BEFORE BEING GIVEN GUNS, MACE, TASERS, BILL CLUBS, FLASHLIGHTS AND SENT INTO NEIGBORHOODS OF COLOR! (where they're found pathological in their responses to differences in color and culture - immediately those sick individuals should be referred to Ethnotherapeutic Counseling until they can THINK STRAIGHT about color & culture differences!)

Get your Little Black Books from:

Carol Taylor R.N.
590 Flatbush Avenue
Ste.11a BK NY 11225-4935
$2.44each Money Order
Please, I don't have time from my
BlActivism to chase down checks which may bounce (or the $ those stink banks charge for 'em!)

Order the 5inch by 4inch life savers to give to those hangin'-pants mis-led Black youngsters who don't have a clue as to the danger they're in just being out of their homes (OR, in some stupid cases - IN their houses, like 'Skip' Gates! AWK! Is nothing sacred anymore?!)

I love the Thurmond statement: 'I'm sorry we didn't have the Little Black Book issued to us with our Birth Certificates at age 0!'

Your Sister-in-The-Struggle,

Carol Taylor R.N.
First Black U.S.A. Flight Attendant
(Make copies of this Flyer and pass 'em out in the neighborhood - save a life!)

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