Thursday, July 9, 2009


*(Just End War Stat)

Recently heard about another Israeli outrage; it's not enuff:

that the Israelis are practising the same pogromming, repression, murder, incarceration, segregation, disfranchisement on men, women and children of Palestine that they continuously claim (ad infinitum) was done to them by Germany's Adolph Hitler;
that their leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, should be jailed for crimes against huemanity;
that weapons of mass-Palestinian-destruction are used with apparent impunity;
how damn long can the illegal, repeat, illegal 'state' of Israel be allowed to contravene international laws just because it claims to have been Hitler's victim?

Is it really the scurrilous truth that 'our' political reps in the U.S.A. Congress are 'honorary' members of the Israeli Knesset? (I don't like that 'tail waggin' da' dawg' stuff!)

Is this why so many of our U.S.A. billions of tax dollars are siphoned off each year into the fat coffers of those Israeli childkillers (who used a murder-tank to crush the life out of Rachel
Corey?) And don't even talk about the hundreds of Palestinian homes razed to the ground by unfeeling 'dont-give-a-f--k' Israeli predators.

When I heard that our courageous Cynthia McKinney (and others) had been prevented from taking huemanitarian aid to Gaza, and indeed jailed by illegal, malodorous Israeli interception not in Israeli waters, but smack dab in international waters, my blood boiled, my gut twisted and my heart began to hurt.

It is way past time for the 'free' world to denounce, trounce, sanction and isolate Israeli intransigeance, arrogance and outright racism/colorism - the same way the U.S.A. and others've done against Cuba.

Pertinent Questions:

Why hasn't the U.S.A. condemned Israel's possession of nuclear armaments with the same ferocity and moral condemnation as they use against North Korea? ['What's good for da' goose...']

How does one spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y? [and the young Jamaican Brother said to me: "It ain't 'democracy,' it's "DEY-MOCK-US-YOU-SEE!"]

Curses forever on the U.S.A. and Britain for 'BIG-STICKING' Israel onto the incorrectly & arrogantly-named "Middle East!" - (Africa it was and Africa it still is, Children!)

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