Friday, July 10, 2009


(There's no bloom on this 'burg!')

The same colorist way the New York City Police Department won't publicly-acknowledge that it's mostly white Catholic Long Island-living male cops who've been killing mostly Black male residents, it the same way the racist/colorist New York City Board of Education has been dismally-failing to teach all of its millions of multi-hued students who actually were their most distant relatives/ancestors: Black Africans in Black Africa.

And now, ad nauseam, we in New York City are treated to a whiney, white, greedy, money-grubbing billionnaire mayor singing paeans to himself (masturbating on the millions) in prime time TV ads bragging about what he's purportedly done for the Department of Mis-Mal-Education! (Who pays for this misleading intrusiveness?)

If Bloomburg wants honest encomiums, let him, as he resigns, turn over three-quarters of his billions to the Board of Education with the proviso that they revise the Curriculum so that it teaches its teachers and its students about themselves as being the descendants of the originating Black Africans in Black Africa (formerly called "Alkebulan" and "Gondwanaland").

But, let no one miss connecting the dots of such egregious omission: the main reasons for the wars we've witnessed, waged by the United States of America's domineering white males down through the agonizing years, are greed - a vicious addictive yearning to master 'materials' - and gross miseducation-by-omission of teaching about huemanity's Black origins.

The U.S.A. has, wih impunity, murderously invaded hundreds of countries - mostly 'of color' - spreading death and destruction on the inhabitants and then sending in 'clean-up' bevies of spies to maintain its ill-gotten empire-driven control. (If you think the 'Peace' Corps and 'U.S.A.-Aid' were set up because of philanthropic intentions, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you!)

So, we see the counterproductive, debilitating, corrosive continuation of a system of pandering to eurocentric fabrication - a mind-numbing proliferation of 'The Big White Lie,' perpetuating a long-established colonization of the residents of these United States of America., millions of unsuspecting students forced into an 'education' system which unabashedly conditions/brain-white-washes them itno non-thinking racist/colorist beliefs and behaviors. (We slaves, Boss?)

Notice, too, when scholars, commentators, pundits and other so-called intellectuals prate about "the dumbing-down" of the masses, they rarely, if ever, pinpoint the institutionalized untreated racism/colorism which continues to prevent the education systems from telling the truth: that there's no 's' on the word 'race' as it pertains to hueman beings - that there's only ONE 'race' and that we multi-colored individuals all belong to it! (Tell that to the idiot colorist U.S.A. Census Board with its "117 raceS!")

Suggestion: there oughta' be a People's Class Action Suit against the New York City Board of Education for not teaching the truth about the Black African origin of huemanity, concomitant with mandatory, continuing [posted on] - Programming (with Follow-Up Ethnotherapeutic Counseling for those individuals displaying pathological responses to differences in color and culture - until they can THINK STRAIGHT about color and culture!)

Both the NYC Education Deaprtment and the NYC Police Department need healing of their color sickness!!

'Where's the truth, indeed!'

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suzannebrooks said...

Hi Carol:

Your writing is absolutely excellent. It is such a great experience to read clear, reasoned discussion of a meaningful topic. It is both a delight and an encouragment to read such enlightened work. I also read the article on Eric Holder. You have my thanks and applause.
Hope you can check out my Women of Color Column in The Black Commentator(blackcommentator). I will also connect you with a friend writing a Latino column in San Francisco. Also, if you haven't read it, look up Bill Fletcher's essay on Thanksgiving which is also in The Black Commentator. We're all on the same page. I think by getting our readers to read all that is available, we can move some mountains.