Wednesday, November 12, 2008


How Sick is America?

In the Ocean Way area in Jacksonville, Florida, thousands of children were kept from attending their schools on and about Nov. 4th (Elections) because the parents feared that the 'authorities' couldn't or wouldn't give the children adequate protection form colorist harassment.
Other school children in the South just wanted to share in their parents' celebrations of President-Elect Barack Obama's victory, but the bus driver told them that if they even said his name, she'd write them up and take them to the Principal's office. In another equally incredible outrageous colorist situation, students were threatened with suspension if they uttered Obama's name or dared to wear their Obama t-shirts (interestingly enough, no such ban was in force against students wearing McCain t-shirts!

One school Administrator was heard saying, "This is the way it is; this is the South; they'll have to put up with it." Oh, Yeah?

Aside from obvious First Amendment Freedom of Speech outright violations, these events were sure to stifle the very psyches of these youngsters; on the one hand they're taught to revere what their teachers describe as the 'United States of America democratic process,' the 'liberating spirit of the Founding Fathers' and perform flag-waving pledges of allegiance, but in diametric opposition, they're being faced with blatant repression of their individual rights. I sure hope the ACLU steps in and teaches those denizens perpetrating such outrages a severe lesson.

Unfortunately, these youngsters are not alone in their 2008 colorist deprivation, 'up South,' here in the 'liberal' North, in racist/colorist Long Island, seven young green-behind-the-ears miseducated-by-an-institutionally-racist/colorist-society- males, acting out that sick societal colorist conditioning, actually murdered a male hueman being because he was - they mistakenly thought, a Mexican! There are equally ignorant and bigoted individuals who, upon seeing one obviously-Black youngster in the line-up of wilding alleged killers, will predictably say that the attack couldn't be racist(colorist) because "one of them was Black!" (as though Blackfolk aren't hueman enough to be similarly negatively conditioned by a racist/colorist society!) They are every single one of them in need of: involvement to determine and help heal their dysfunctional levels of pathological responses to differences in color and culture!

For the uninformed, facing the abysmal fact that, here in the year 2008, huemans (my 'e') can lose their lives because of what they look like, has to be explained as the wake up call it is - a wake up call for this entire society - and the rest of the (majority people of color) world, to honestly deal with untreated racism/colorism in a forthright manner.

What is direly needed is another World Conference on Racism (Colorism), this time, the U.S.A. should not be allowed to refrain from active participation.

It is no wonder - or mistake - that escalating reports of colorist violence, escalating frenzied discussion of racism/colorism, escalating public awareness of the issues of untreated colorism are popping up like virulent outbreaks of poison ivy. Such tensions will continue to plague societies which neglect the untreated colorism that has been simmering for decades. The truth will out.

As more and more victims - our grossly miseducated masses - begin to realize that all huemans are 'of Black African ancestry,' their society-instilled colorism will cause them fear, frustration and anger and to 'act out, psychologists say, against those individuals who wear skins of observable melanin. (Members of the nation's police forces have been and are similarly 'acting out' their colorist aggression daily as they continue in racist/colorist orgiastic fervor, frisking, beating, sodomizing and slaughtering Black male inhabitants with relative impunity)

NEEDED ASAP: Reputable, knowledgeable Ethnotherapists, to heal a color-sick America before it's too late:



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