Sunday, November 30, 2008



Lemme share with you what it really means to be Brown-in-America. You 'get it' from at least two directions - first from sicko whites who were egregiously mis-educated by a eurocentric intransigeant 'education' (read 'conditioning') sysdumb which purposefully and stubbornly refuses to teach their multi-colored students the truth about their hueman origins (Black in Black Africa).

Second, we 'Brownies' 'get it' from other people of color too: those lighter-skinned ones adopt whitey's sick anti-color attitudes and behavior toward people of color. The darker-skinned individuals automatically feel that "them Brown & high-yallers think they're better'n' me!"

Then we have to put up with the racist/colorists who speak of color discrimination only in terms of 'Black and white,' throughly relegating millions of Red, Yellow, Tan, Olive and us Browns to society's dung heap by such routine exclusions.

As a result of my own life-long pursuit of a soul-comforting identification made difficult as a result of this double-digit degradation, I've coined an accurate definition of the disease people usually and mistakenly call racism: it is the word "colorism." Because, the actual divisive, contentious, thorny and pandemic issue in societies has been and still is color.

However, almost every hueman being on this color-riven planet, no matter what country they're in, is rendered acutely uncomfortable whenever the subject of racism/colorism is raised. Some of them are quick to retort, "Oh, that's a terrible thing but I'm not racist!" (too few folk actually use the accurate term 'colorist') - some even have 'Black' friends, wives,/husbands, teachers, school/workmates and WOW! -parents!

However, these relatedness situations don't insure against their harboring colorist stereotypical thoughts, what could be called crooked/illogical thinking, because the negative discriminatory eurocentric societal conditioning has done its dirty mental/emotional damage usually by the beginning of the teenage years - horrors - even before then.

When one faces such worldwide retrograde colorist child abuse - yes, that's exactly what racist/colorist mis-education is - pandemic epidemic child abuse. And even the most courageous folk feel overwhelmed by the enormity of of the problem. They ask, what possibly can be done by people of good will to re-educate the misled masses and turn back the seeming tide of subsequently escalating colorist violence against 'Brownies' (Muslims, Hispanics, people of color) especially in these 'Post-Obama-Win" times?

Well, concerned folk must, ASAP, deal with the retrogressive colorist language usage with which announcers, anchorfolk, academics from all walks of life swamp an already mostly-soporific listenership. It's 'race' this and 'races' that up the wazoo and mistakenly meant to refer to issues and people of color; this is inaccurate and downright plain dirty-wrong.

The above issues, of course, are only some of the burdens BrownFolk have to bear. It'll be so refreshing to finally get an answer to the plaintive question:


I suppose it'll be when we have worldwide involvement with and and where pathological reponses to differences in color and culture are determined, refer the dysfunctional victims to Ethnotherapeutic Psychological/Psychiatric Counseling until they can think straight. And the testing should be mandatory, like testing for any other addiction.

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