Wednesday, November 12, 2008



Dear Commissioner Kelly:
Re: Victims Piggott & Morales

We've heard compassion only for Lt. Piggott and his family - even from those who've been put upon by NYPD excesses. However, anyone with even a fleeting knowledge of psychology understands that the taser-caused death of the mentally-challenged Eamon Morales provided merely a 'straw that broke the camel's back' incentive for the Lt.'s suicide. There must have been an escalating series of untenable stresses in that officer's life, not the least of which were occupation-connected.
So that both of these hapless victims have not perished completely in vain, surely instead of wrongly focusing on supposed trouble with the public: 1. The NYPD can adopt an ongoing practice of giving annual psychological work-ups to its employees who have myriad work-related stresses with which they must deal and 2. The NYPD can include ongoing programming with follow-up psychological/psychiatric counseling wherever pathological officer responses to differences in color and/or culture are uncovered. This remediation should be provided for all NYPD employees including individuals in Administration.
As matters stand now, both NYPD folk - this means everyone - and the public, especially persons of color, are the victims of a society wherein the education systems have and are miseducating the masses by neglecting to teach the truth to their students about their most distant relatives - the Black African ancestors of all huemans. All huemans are 'of Black African descent.'
To far too many people, this truthcentricity may not seem important, but this omission leads to artificial barriers in the perceptions of police persons which, on the occasion of split-second life and death decisions, causes members of the public to unnecessarily lose their very lives. These artificial barriers also cause unnecessary stress for the police, who, as a result of such untreated colorism, are surely victims too.
As such heretofore neglected matters stand now, inhabitants in N..Y.C. live each day cringing under the colorist proverbial 'Sword of Damocles,' many understanding that police officers and members of the public, both victims - unless #1 and #2 items aforementioned are incorporated by the NYPD - will evolve into more 'Eamon Morales' and 'Lt. Piggott' tragedies.
For the NYPD to incorporate remedial treatment for the institutionally colorist conditioning to which we have all, repeat all, been subjected, would constitute no indication of weakness; to the contrary, it would reflect an admirable strength of character and would certainly reduce the unrelenting stress on your officers and also reduce the relentless and unnecessary deaths of so many of this city's inhabitants.
Finally, the fact that it's mostly Catholic cops who've been responsible for the killings of mostly Black males hereabouts (including Spanish-speaking ones) may not be welcome information or even attributable directly to their being Catholic, but these facts must be faced in a forthright manner if the NYPD is to be viewed as a truthcentric and credible interactive entity. The public's trust in the NYPD must be restored.
In fact, we'd like to see the NYPD restored to the time when the cop on the corner was looked upon as a friend - not as a foe -; but for that to happen the #1 and #2 suggestions have to be implemented - the sooner the better.
Who was it who said, "The saddest part of being hueman (my 'e') is the depth of our ignorance?" And it is killing ignorance not to know and be able to acknowledge who were all of huemanity's most distant ancestors!

R.I.P. Eamon Morales and Lt. Piggott.

P.S. Is it or is it not insanity for your officers to be running around so often killing the relatives of their own ancestors?

Most Sincerely,
Carol Taylor R.N.
First Black U.S.A. Flight Attendant

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