Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sovereign Evolution:

Sovereign Evolution:
Manifest Destiny from "Civil Rights" to "Sovereign Rights"
by Ezrah Aharone
301 pages
ISBN: 978-1-4389-3858-5 (sc)
Author House 2008
Reviewed by Carol Taylor

(Keep this in mind as you read this book: what equity can be expected from a country which spends gazillions on bombing the moon rather than feeding the hungry on earth?)

A dictionary definition of 'sovereignty' is 'power to govern without external control.'

First, let me applaud Ezrah Aharone for highlighting the dependent plight of us Blacks in America so deftly: his descriptions of historical events should be gratefully accepted.

However, his use of the too popular exclusive phrase 'African American" and 'race' instead of 'color,' unfortunately lends itself to misleading the unwary reader.

While, on the one hand, Sovereign Evolution aims to promote worldwide consciousness of sovereign rights, surely a lofty and monumental task in and of itself; on the other hand, in a very worthwhile way, it gives serious readers surprising revelations not usually presented to the public - for instance - the incredible chart on page 214 showing that Britain is not the only country led by incestuous ruling family members. Not only is George Bush cousin to forty other Presidents and Vice Presidents, the current President Barack Obama is a distant cousin to Bush and five other Presidents! OUCH!

This, of course, promotes much heavy pondering about the very relevance of 'the vote' in a so-called democracy and underscores the low-level potential of ending such an inherited hegemonic hierarchy. (But certainly give thanks to Aharone for bravely raising the question)

While independence and 'do-for-self' libertarian ideas are appealing to many hopeful folk, we are left to wonder, when most huemans are but an admixture of colors anyway, how any theory of ascendancy for Blacks to positions of 'governing without external control' actually holds water! What's the definition of 'external' when it comes to color? We know what 'control' means, especially these days.

But unless Blacks ('African Americans' to the exclusionists) are prepared to incorporate an Israeli 'control' - (guns & bombs & land grabs) God-Knows-Where, and/or a U.S.A. Bunker-bombs & Stealth Bombing Bullying, dreams (and I'm afraid they are that) of 'sovereignty' for Blacks in America will remain just that - lofty dreams.

Surely, this, in spite of Aharone's appeals to folk to 'sovereign-think' is is a heavy reality to face: unless and until Blacks in America can somehow morph into the monolith they're so often called, and relinquish dichotomous emotions - ("am I Black or an American?"), much as we might otherwise want, 'sovereignty' for Blackfolk will remain just wishful thinking.

Perhaps the basic questions Sovereign Evolution does pose for folk are: "Who Are We?" - and "How can 'we' rebuild a world recognizing the worth of each individual?" This book is a 'should-read.' Well done Ezrah Aharone!

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