Saturday, October 24, 2009

Capitali$m's Dirty Messenger Boys:Big Business

Capitali$m's Dirty Messenger Boys:
Big Business

I'm convinced they're out to screw us consumers every day in every way - and make us love 'em for the consumer abuse with slogans about 'the Customer's always right' - wrong.

Big Business - no conscience; Big Pharma - no Karma!

Squatting on the lower rungs of society's power ladder, the poorest, unorganized consumers can only sit, wince and watch as greedy merchants double-stamp-raise prices of basic goods already on shelves right in front of their needy faces.

One irate but powerless - except for not purchasing stuff at that store again! - consumer recently went to downtown BLYN to 'Perlandra' (yes! I've named 'em!-so sue me!) to purchase her regular bottle of Barlean's Flaxseed Oil - (usually $15.75) and when she reached the cashier, was shocked to be told, "That'll be $19.95, Ma'am!"

In the 30 days 'between bottles,' how in God's Good Name did the price go from $15.75 to $19.95 - a $4.20 unconscionable increase?

As a former Co-Founder and past President of the Barbados, West Indies 'Bajan consumer League' (I even named it), returning to live in the U.S.A. after 14 delightful years in the sun, and watching the merchants in my Black neighborhood doing their dirty double-stamping and compliant consumers standing for it - I'm, almost, tempted to damage my health at this Elder age by either joining with an already-established consumer group , or starting another one myself! Oi!

And one of the first most irritating dictatorial issues I'd tackle is the 'we-know-y'all-can't-do-anything-about-it' obvious dirty-boy conspiracy Big Business operates with the TV stations: turning up the volume of and showing all of the TV ads at the same damn time!

Oh! That really bugs me - and I'm sure it bugs most consumer-viewers too! Just try to escape the sudden volume upturn ear-assault in the bedroom/livingroom or the urgent 'call-right-now-or-lose-out' continuous cadging for your consumer cash!

And their 'get-something-for-nothing' specious claims of "free gifts!" (the most oxymoronic phrase ever used) - should be an ominous warning for beleagured viewers, but evidently the present generation of shoppers haven't been taught the apt Latin phrase: "CAVEAT EMPTOR!"

It's certainly time for a "CONSUMER-UNITE REVOLUTION: No more 'money's tight' excuses as they greedily, and, it seems, forever, beat us over the heads and pockets with precipitous deouble-stamping soaring prices for food and items already on the shelves!


Signed: A Burned-Out Consumer

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