Saturday, January 24, 2009




DANCE!!! Did you see it? That Black man can't dance! This is a National Black Crisis!

You and I know - whitefolk can't dance either: they got no rhythm. I learned this living in the West Indies seeing them white 'tourisses' wagging their hips instead of they knees - trying to 'catch the moves!' Wasn't happening.

Y'understand that a terpsichorean ability is an absolute necessity for a Black man to be able to 'see with' his people's real gutbucket needs, so you see how important it is for President Barack Obama to 'do-quick' and get somebody to teach 'im how to boogie-down!

Watching him and the lovely white-gowned Michelle out on the dance floor at their first Inaugural Ball (first of ten they'd have to attend) was painful for me, she too, seemed ill-at-ease as he moved around in awkward whiteman fashion: I was shocked. Then I recalled this Black man's mostly-white* upbringing and understood some people's belief that Black children shouldn't be entirely/exclusively reared by white folk.
*that was 'mixed ethnicities' - not "mixed race" (there's only one hueman race, all you coloristically mixed-up mediafollk!)

Indeed, I clearly recall being brought up (white mother/Black father) in bland New England, but was rescued, thank the Creator in Her Grace) by my Jamaica, West Indies nursing school pal, Hyacinth, who not only taught me about pepper sauce, rice 'n' peas, curry and Calypsonian 'Sparrow,' but, most importantly, how to dance! - She'd say, "the action comes from the knees - not the hips - LightGirl!" (I'm what our forbears used to call - "high yellow" and was well on my way to dancing like I had a neurological disease) I owe her my - spicy - life.

Furthermore, I soon learned, in choosing a competent man as a partner, "If he can't dance - he can't prance!" In other words, if he's to be an all-rounder, a balanced 'in-the-know' desirable Black guy, he's gotta' be able to dance: that jerky, scarecrow-bobbing, jangly, Icabod-Crane-out-of-time cavorting which stands for white 'dancing' just wouldn't fly.

The inability to physically 'move with the music' reveals an almost indefinable emotional, intellectual, spiritual gap in the mind which prevents a man from really 'getting down with' us Blackfolk - and don't tell me I don't know what I'm talking about - the Sisters and Brothers know exactly what I mean - but only a very few Blackfolk will talk openly about this phenomenon.

I say: "Quick! Get Brother Al Sharpton to teach Brother Barack how ta' dance!" (When he can 'be' with us - he'll be able to much better 'see' with us!)

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