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('Education' Systems Which Fail To Teach About Huemanity's Origins)

No, Virginia, 'civilization' did not start in Greece! Isn't that 'Big-White-Lie' just so dam' sweet! (As sweet - and dangerous to hueman health as that FDA-approved poison sweetener 'Splenda,' which kills off over 50% of the friendly bacteria in the hueman gut)

I'm talking about the dangerous-to-huemans mis-education system in this country (and around the world, yeah) which perpetuates ignorance and violence by failing to teach about the world's Black African origins and contributions.

That this is happening to and by otherwise competent and honest teachers and administrators, without their professed recognition of this omissive eurocentric scourge, adds insult to the injury perpetrated against their unwary students (and I was surely one of those hapless students - but am in continual recovery mode!)

Furthermore, that this is countenanced by those fat, white male members of Congress in the U.S.A., squatting like voracious cats on the body politic without remedying this destructive societal illness adds further insult to injury to us all as we pay them for their inaction on this grievous issue.

What's even more appalling is that they, in their untreated colorist arrogance, have embarked on a counterproductive plot to eliminate BLACK HISTORY MONTH!
Talk about the blind leading the blind! Talk about the ingenuousness of t he phrase "post racial!" (Slavery used to be legal and widely-accepted by the masses too)

Read the following material - and if you are not moved to do the suggested actions* - you've been so very damaged/victimized by the aforementioned omissive eurocentrism in your education that you've been rendered morally bankrupt - even if you do go to church every Sunday:

*Suggestions: That you log on to and take and share the with your family and friends: it's the very least you can do to help eradicate the inequity of untreated racism/colorism:

Untreated Racism Causes Mis-education, Disproportionately Hign Incarceration and Neo-Slave Labor of People of Color
(Speech given at NY Stonybrook University at Diversity Conference 3/31/2000)

The NYPD Commissioner in what looks like a hurried conspiracy with the good ol' boys in an obvious effort to deflect public criticism of the increasing killings of Black males,
including the 43-shots-at unfortunate Guinean immigrant, Amadou Diallo, stated yesterday that the issue "....isn't one of police but of race." My, my.

To those of us who have for years importuned his police department to use the Racism/Colorism Quotient Test Program, to determine the levels of pathological responses to differences in color and culture in his police officers to no avail, this latest sortie into obfuscation is extremely dismaying.

Untreated racism/colorism in America continues to be the cause of the violent deaths of people of color - mainly of Black males by the police. Most of those in the political, educational and social leadership in this country have toally missed recognizing and addressing the solution to the racism/colorism which is shredding the delicate fabric of the society. That solution is testing individuals for their R/CQ - Racism/Colorism Quotient, and thereafter, administering follow-up (Ethnotherapeutic) Counseling until those individuals can think straight!

Other programs, including enacting legislation, affirmative action, quota systems, forced integration, have failed because they have not shown the individual who is afflicted with the bias how to rid herself/himself of the disease: the "sensitivity" trainings, in police departments, focus on the wrong group instead of on the individual police themselves. If one is not part of the solution one is part of the problem.

Testing individuals for their R/CQ, the relative degree of racism/colorism within the individual, must become national policy in a multi-ethnic country. Just as we test for AIDS, we must begin testing for the disorder/disease of racism/colorism, in schools and at the workplace - testing and counseling, just as we test and counsel for alcoholism. For instance, Al Campanis, "Jimmy the Greek," John Rocker or Imus should not have been fired for their racist/colorist remarks. These white men are only products of their environment. If they had been alcoholics, it would have been against state law to fire them. They would have been tested and referred to counseling until they could think straight. The same procedure should have been used to treat their disease of racism/colorism.

How much more critical to our survival is it for judges, prosecutors, attorneys general, prospective jurors and especially police officers, to be tested for their respective racism/colorism levels? These public servants cannot deliver justice or make equitable decisions about people of color because they have also been conditioned by an institutionally racist/colorist society and not treated for their disorder.

It is way past time for people of color not to have to rely upon the the "luck" of drawing someone who is "not quite as racist/colorist" as the next racist/colorist to obtain justice! Today we people of color still have to hope that the whites (and self-hating Blacks!) making decisions about our very lives are not "too, too racist/colorist!"

We must not only demand permanent special prosecutors (R/CQ-tested) for racially (coloristically)-motivated crimes and violence, but we must also ensure that those individuals who are directly involved with the decisions governing our lives, livelihoods, our health and our education, be tested and counseled where necessary. If not, we'll always be knee-jerk reacting to individual acts of police terrorism, such as the recent murder of Patrick Dorismond and others too numerous to herein mention, and providing platforms for self-aggrandizing self-promoters and therefore not dealing realistically with and reforming the cause of the brutality - institutional racism/colorism.

We can look to the Constitution of the U.S.A. and, indeed, all the laws in the world for justice, but if the individuals who are supposed to uphold and enforce those laws are dysfunctionally racist/colorist, there is no way that people of color will ever be free of discrimination, 'racial'/color/profiling, violence or death on the basis of our skin color. We can take to the streets again and again, we can ask, beg, pray, wish, shout and scream as we have done for hundreds of years, but unless and until testing for the disease of racism/colorism is done, we will continue to be murdered in the streets of America because of the observable melanin in our skins. Martin Luther King said that racism is a sin unto death: it is also insanity.

One does not have to be a doomsayer to recognize the fact that we all will see spontaneous colorist conflagrations with levels of viciousness never before experienced in this country if we do not begin setting up widespread R/CQ Test Programs with Follow-up Ethnotherapeutic Counseling until individuals can think straight.

We have developed the Test...the rest is up to you...and you...and you...

Carol Taylor R.N.
Institute for "Interracial" Harmony, Inc.
First Black U.S.A. Flight Attendant

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