Sunday, December 21, 2008



You wish! Well, wishing instead of walking never got anything. Perhaps you should read (and re-read) what the late Guyanese intellectual Walter Rodney said:

"Black* Power is a doctrine about Black people, for Black people, preached by Black people. I'm putting it to my Black brothers and sisters that the color of our skins is the most fundamental thing about us. I could have chosen to talk about people of the same island, or the same religion, or the same class - but instead I have chosen skin color as essentially the most binding factor in our world. In so doing, I am not saying that is the way things ought to be. I am simply recognizing the real world - that is the way things are. Under different circumstances, it would have been nice to be color blind, to choose my friends solely because their social interests coincided with mine - but no conscious Black man can allow himself such luxuries in the contemporary world."
(Quoted from "Saving Our Sons" the book by Paul Ifayomi Grant)

So while my intrepid community activist colleague Jean Wilkins Dember MHS puts "Stop White Supremist Violence" on all of her posted envelopes, the horrid truth of the matter is that violence against people of color in this 'Post-Obama-Win' atmosphere has escalated alarmingly. (Log on to /"Hate Crimes")

Now, if doesn't bring reality to your thinking, recognize what's occuring on the streets of this country; four (and God only knows how many more that I haven't heard of) males of color who've lost their lives were: Billey Joe Johnson, 17 year old high school athletic scholarship winner - said by cops to've 'shotgunned himself to death' after being stopped for an alleged traffic violation in Mississippi; Alex Figueroa, a father in the Bronx, N.Y. shot to death for allegedly wielding a baseball bat (which his wife tearfully denied he had on a local TV newscast); the Black male in Jasper, Texas, (the second one) dragged to his death by a truck (rarely reported by the white male-dominated 'mainstream media') and Gilbert Blanco, a man of color, shot to death in Coney Island, N.Y. by a trigger-happy NYPD cop for waving a chair at her.

One of the officers of the Institute for "Interracial" Harmony, Inc, in New York City, recently commented that the color-bigots are so irate at even the thought of a Black man in the White House that their disease of untreated racism/colorism spurs them to illegal acts of violence against unsuspecting Blackfolk.

Where are the psychiatrists and psychologists in this country who should be issuing public statements condemning such anti-social colorist acts? Where are the 'always-ready-at-the-mouth' politicians and preachers who should be issuing collective public statements about this burgeoning critical example of the society's rotten 'achilles heel?'

Perhaps they're waiting for widespread rioting - a la France's recent upheavals.

Hey there: it's 'tinderbox time!'

*My capitalization of the word 'Black;' we people of color need every bit of psychological boosting we can get under these dangerous circumstances!

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