Tuesday, December 23, 2008



It is the devious, insane, hegemonic intention of 'wasichu' (Indigenous for "whitey" - males) to achieve and maintain total direct-control over Black males (and people of color generally) because, in their deepest and most mal-educated psyches dwells the irrational fear of genetic 'annihilation.' (Ref: The Isis Papers by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing) (Didn't you hear 'Boobus Americanus' white male on TV the other day shouting: "...what would you do if your race wuz dyin' out?")

After all, they were by and large never taught (and still aren't) that their true most distant ancestors were the Black African originators of civilization, so there they are practicing attempted genocide on their own relatives. If this isn't arrant psychopathology - tell me what is.

Lest anyone harbor any doubt about those nefarious white male intentions, let them learn about/study the depressive, oppressive, repressive and suppressive continuing manic behavior of those eurocentric Bilderbergers, Rothchilds, Trilateral Commission-folk, Center for Foreign Relations-people, Rockefellers, Skulls & Boners and Freemasons, et al. among too many others to herein list, and their vicious interrelations with the governing entities (including the military forces) of this world.

Their tentacled involvement in every arena of people activity - economics, entertainment, education, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war - is invasive and controlling. Especially is this so in their oppressive investment in the erecting and maintaining of prisons aptly called 'the prison industrial complex,' 'industrial' - the incarceration-for-profit of two million plus hueman (my 'e') beings is a major part - ugly as it is - of this capitalist society - this "Capitalocracy," surely no "Democracy" ever. A Jamaican Brother said to me years ago on a subway train, "...it's a 'Dey-mock-us-you-see! It's not a Democracy!" And I'll add, "It's a Demonocracy!"- making their dirty monies on Black bodies as surely as they did during 'legal'-slavery days.

Over half of those in jail-bondage in the good ol' U.S.A. are people of color, mostly Black males carrying out slave duties for slave -or no- wages, and too many of them have been railroaded into those jail cells primarily because they didn't have the necessary finances to hire competent Black attorneys who really know what it means to be Black and male in the hells of North, South, East and West America.

But, surely, once one can be made to understand the insanity of wasichu - never mind for a moment the wide ranging complicity of those calling themselves "white males," one can and should decide, like incarcerated for twenty-six years on Death Row - Brother Mumia Abu-Jamal has done, "They may be able to confine my Black body, but never my Black mind!" - not to allow wasichu to entrap her/himself with the usual 'entrappings:' - alcohol and other drugs or ignorance of wasichu's base intentions. It 'be's' heavy eluding 'The Man's' octopus clutches, yeah, but if the brain's not in chains, BlackFolk can study, learn and ORGANIZE to LIBERATE our people!

The first step is to learn what the Beast has and is doing to try to keep his hegemonic control of us. (Brother Malcom X read and re-read the dictionary - we BlackFolk have to put an end to eschewing reading and dicounting the importance of the written word) as we still retain our 'griot' communicating by word of 'grapevine' mouth!

Suggested readings: (The Isis Papers) already mentioned Dr. Frances Cress Welsing
Blueprint for Black Power Dr. Amos N. Wilson
Rule By Secrecy Jim Marrs
How Europe Underdeveloped Africa Walter Rodney
There Is A River Dr. Vincent Harding (MLKJr.'s Speechwriter)
The Little Black Book Carol Taylor
(These are a good beginning - call me for other titles as you finish 'em and SHARE!(718) 856 1271

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