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Any-Black-one who believes that they are 'truthcentric,' (thanks to Professor Ivan Van Serima for the term) and who has not read Dr. Tony Martin's writings doesn't know why the term "African" is no longer synonymous with the term "Black."* The frightening reason is neo/re-colonization by europeans.
Read this and weep - and then get up off your intellectually-castrated butt and do something about it!
The first step is discovering (uncovering) who you really are: descended from the original hueman beings: Black, Black, Black Africans (Alkebulans) in Africa - the cradle of civilization.
Learn/live "truthcentricity!" (I call myself "Black African")
For Liberation - Required Reading - 1998 Dr. Martin's "The Progress of the African Race Since Emancipation and Prospects for the Future," and "The Jewish Onslaught." (Reviewed by me below)
*Actually since the first huemans on theis planet were Black and in Africa - it should be obvious to anyone thinking straight that all huemans are 'of Black African ancestry.' DUH!


The Jewish Onslaught:
Despatches from the Wellesley Battlefront
by Tony Martin
145 pp
ISBN 0-912469-30-7 (paper) $9.95
Copyright 1993 by Tony Martin

Aha! In the midst of all of the obscenities going on in the Middle-East-of-Africa against the Palestinians - you thought this book review was about that hegemony! You're wrong. This brilliant, exceptionally timeless book, The Jewish Onslaught, meticulously and quite deliciously details the unfair, nasty, underhanded, feral, protracted and unrelenting campaign waged against Professor Tony Martin, B.Sc., Economics, M.A. and Ph.D. History, a Black, Trinidadian/Tobagonian, world-renowned and respected Historian at Wellesly College in Masachussetts. (Professor Martin also qualified as a Barrister-at-Law at London's presitigous Gray's Inn in 1965)

Professor Martin's erudition shines through information-laden prose as his witty use of The King's English thrusts into and parries against vulpine enemies on and off the Wellesley campus. Every mother's child should have to read this book at least four times: once, for the sheer story content, twice to learn how to most effectively utilize the english language, thrice for becoming acutely aware of the art of sustaining urban survival guerilla warfare and fourth for whetting the readers' literary appetite for as many of Professor Martin's other publications as they can feast their eyes and brains on. (So, am I looking forward to reading his newest work? - Amy Ashwood Garvey: Pan Africanist, Feminist and Mrs. Marcus Garvey No.1 or, (A Tale of Two Amies) Well yes!)

In other words, if you'd like your (children especially) relatives and friends to be fully equipped for surviving in a color-hostile society which purports to be a democracy, then make them a present of The Jewish Onslaught (to begin with) as soon as possible. It's a classic: and Oh! - the volatile, vorticose vocabulary! Word UP!

Professor Martin, a longtime, tenured-at-Wellesley-for-29+ years scholar, who, by 1993 had, incredibly, authored, compiled and edited eleven books, not only describes Black African history, but amply and skillfully melds the 'then and now' of what's going on, with critical allusions to well-known prominent players in the perilous survival struggles for Black liberation.

Wait just a moment! I apologize for ending this book review right now - I've got to go re-read Dr. Martin's thought-and-action-inspiring book. Sorry - as I was just reading through - his handwritten dedication (he signed my copy - "To My Sister"), the riveting Preface "Major Media," "Massa, We Sick?" - "Jewish Racism," "Black Solidarity," etc. etc.etc., and Documents of the Onslaught, (Letters and his 'quasi-lynching' Speech) and Broadside #1, - I had to drop everything, run to the 'phone and try to track down the other Broadsides! (I did find #'s 3 and 4! Whew!)

P.S. someone else (more talented than I) will have to finish this review: I'm too busy re-reading The Jewish Onslaught and Dr. Martin's other publications!
Reach Dr. Martin by e-mail at or Majority Press (and we are 'the majority!') email orders:, Credit card orders: In Trinidad: Afrikan World Books, Independence Square & Chacon Street, Port of Spain

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