Wednesday, June 4, 2008



S'Truth! I hadda' turn 'im off! - that ex-U.S.A. Justice Department Scott McClellan on WBAI Radio this am with Mimi Rosenberg, talking 'bout Barack Obama being - like him - "bi-racial!" Oi Vay!!! Neither he or Obama or any other hueman being is "bi-racial!"

When, oh when are supposedly-intelligent huemans gonna' stop with counterproductive, racist/colorist rhetoric and finally admit, acknowledge that there's no such animal as "bi-racial," ! "tri-racial" ! or "interracial?"

Plain old dog-type common sense'll inform anyone - who takes the effort and time to watch the video by Geneticist Dr. Spencer Wells - "The Journey of Man" - 1 800 PLAY PBS - that since Black Africans were the first people of planet earth (all of our ancestors that all of us huemans've evolved from, those first huemans) - there is, scientifically, paleontologically, anthropologically only ONE hueman race, hence there is no such entity as a 'bi-racial' hueman being. (we're spelling 'hueman' with an 'e' to indicate that all humans have some degree of melanin from those first ancestors )

We're all African!

Now because of euro-conditioned anti-melanin sentiment on the one hand and anti so-called white (and other colors) on the other - individuals - terribly emotionally/psychologically-scarred by untreated racism/colorism can't bring themselves to accept their siblings - (sister and brother hueman beings) as being integrally related to them - and persist in living color-striated-and- restricted communities, sporadic but epidemic upheavals continue to confront societies world wide.

This set of retrograde circumstances can be turned around into healthy behavior.

We huemans must confront the mal-education and ignorance, which has thus sprung from not teaching the truth about the Black African orgigin of huemanity, with the utilization of an effective tool - the - healing program of The Institute for "Interracial" Harmony, Inc.

(note that the quotation marks around the word "interracial" indicate that, as even we researchers've learned, there's no such being as an "interracial" being - there's -


and we all belong to it together!

Let's start talking ourselves into good health!

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