Sunday, July 1, 2007


(Just Make Sure They Get Their Due Share of The Education 'Pie!' -Finally.)

Well, there they go again - racist/colorist white-skin-privileged males in the 'Supreme' Court (along with wannabe-white only Black Clarence Thomas) have reinforced segregation in the schools! (in their brainwhitewashed minds and in those minds of similarly coloristically-conditioned U.S.A. residents, that is) Big deal.

Echoes abound of "...turned back the clock on Brown vs Board of Education!..." "...destroyed diversity!..." "...done a great disservice to education in the United States!..." Total poppycock.

In their pitiful discourse, they utilize mistaken inaccurate terms like 'racial,' 'color-blindness,' etc. AWK! (refer to my Blog 'Many colors - One race)

Then you got the totally-misguided discussion Saturday June 30, 2007, on Channel 13 -PBS's "To The Contrary," by a bunch of multi-ethnic females, parrotting expressions of 'race neutral,' (what the hell's that?) 'racial neutrality, (eh?) 'race' and also "color-blindness." Needless to say, they, in discussing the 'Supreme' Court decision, came up with no solution for what they alluded to as 'a setback' for U.S.A. school 'diversity.' (Another euphemism/obfuscation)

Of course they didn't! We in the U.S.A.'ve been so thoroughly conditioned to consider all Black anything as 'inferior,' or 'not as good as' or 'counterproductive' or not 'diverse enough,' that we can't see the forest for the trees. The 'forest' is the monumental (and tiresome) effort afoot to maintain white male supremacy in every area of people activity - listed here as tribute to Black female Psychiatrist Dr. Frances Cress Welsing: education, economics, entertainment, labor, law, politics religion, sex and war. This psychopathic effort at maintaining white male supremacy, she says, is reflective of a recognized, and sometimes subliminal at other times, fervid, frenzied, frantic fear of genetic annihilation.

This fear is fueled by a genuine and not-so-genuine feeling/belief that there's 'something wrong,' 'inferior' with a skin showing observable melanin! That deep-seated epidemic/pandemic pathology pervades societies in spite of numerous scientific revelations establishing findings which show - irrefutably - that huemanity began Black - in Africa - and that not only are all huemans, irrespective of superficial differences, inter-related, but belong to one, repeat, one 'race.'

Yet, time after backward-leaning time, professors, preachers, politicians, pundits - reveal their gross ignorance of themselves, their ancestors, their respective societies and, in fact, of this entire world's origins.

This ignorance is certainly not 'Bliss;' it perpetuates racist/colorist thinking and behavior, continuous unravelling of societal progress, corrosive conflicts and even international wars.

Every hueman being on earth (especially those colorist 'Supreme' Court Judges) needs to take the and engage in protracted, Facilitator-controlled discussions about untreated racism/colorism and its ongoing negative effects on society.

Call me at (718) 856 1271 when you're interested in counteracting society's conditioning by starting healing anti-colorist assemblies in your family/school/university/church/area.

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