Saturday, June 16, 2007



What does it mean for an entire society when it is observed that:

"Cops - of any color - don't shoot white males in the back?"
(But they do routinely shoot males of color in their backs)
Carol Taylor R.N.

In the sacred names of cop-slain males of color within the boundaries of the United States of America - too many to herein list -(Ref. to THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK: Black Male Survival in America: Staying Alive & Well in an Institutionally RACIST Society Fermin Arzu - shot in his back by a cop in the Bronx): the significance of this fact cannot be over-emphasized: something macabre, sinister and deadly must be operating in the minds of the police persons who 1. decide at confrontation-times NOT to shoot white males in the back and 2. those who decide to shoot Black and other males of color in the back.

It cannot, therefore, be gainsaid that something orgiastically pathological in nature is exerting a grossly destructive effect on the thinking and behavior of police operatives in this country. (Systematic colorist conditioning - by both the society and the respective police departments?) This destruction affects not only the recipients of that colorist thinking and behavior, but just as surely also redounds upon the police perpetrators - and their families.

This deadly rotting-away of the fabric of society must be acknowledged, ferreted out and treated on a continuous basis, which is why, for over twenty years now, the Institute for "Interracial"* Harmony, Incorporated, (Motto: "Prejudice Is Learned - It Can Be Unlearned") has been petitioning the New York City Police Department - through successive NYPD Police Commissioners - you name 'em - Brown, Ward, Bratton, Kelly - to incorporate the as a tool to foment healthy dialogue in a non-threatening atmosphere, with follow-up psychological/psychiatric counseling specifically-aimed at helping their individual police officers to deal effectively with the racist/colorist societal and departmental conditioning which causes so many of them to act out negatively (and their police colleagues not to intervene!) when in on-duty confrontational situations with civilians (and, it should be noted - even with their own police associates - for instance- cop-shot Black Police Officer Desmond Robinson)

To date, aside from cursory public statements that they "...don't tolerate..." racism/colorism within the ranks and that they have a fully operative psychology department within the NYPD, the epidemic "us and them" and "blue-wall-of-silence" phenomena have prevented the NYPD Administrations from holding public (or even private) meetings to specifically address why it is and how to prevent/end the United States of America's National Crisis - of Black and other males of color - being beaten,
tasered, shot and

*Quotation marks are around this word because - during our years-long dealing with and learning about untreated racism/colorism, we at I"I"H Inc. discovered that there is no meaning to that word; 'many colors - one race.'

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