Saturday, February 24, 2007


It may be irrational to expect one repressed, suppressed, oppressed and depressed group of huemans to stand up and speak for another repressed, suppressed, oppressed and depressed group of huemans - but the women of the United States of America need not only to organize for their own liberation , but ideally, should 'take on' helping to achieve the liberation of people of color. (The testosteroned D.C. War Dawgs are still wasting the tax payers' time and money futilely debating over what we do with our female bodies - 'abortion!')

Oppression, allowed to happen continually to one group of people, like any out of control disease, will eventually affect other groups.

What's being tolerated - by the females in the U.S.A. - is white male testosterone-driven maltreatment of people of color - citizens, non-citizens, immigrants - "illegal" or otherwise - described Black, Brown and Yellow huemans - surely a volatile, untenable, societal condition which demands focus, continuous attention and forthright action.

But first, such awakening of the consciousness of women must be accompanied by the ferreting out and treatment* of a viciously institutional racist/colorist conditioning to which female (and male) students in the U.S.A. have been subjected. *(

One of the most recent and sinister examples of such racist/colorist conditioning which has reared its ugly repellent head is the "Find The Illegal Immigrant" campaign organized by Republican Club New York University students as a "game" in downtown Manhattan. (To call what they've done a 'game' is a cruel travesty) One of the regrettable things about that remarkable display of color-targetting was that most of the Republican Club members - shown on TV - were white females!

Now, any honest observation of 'immigrant issues' in this country will have to admit to the fact that most of the unfortunate objects of the I.C.E. (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) focus are folk who wear skins of observable melanin (people of color). So, it must be obvious also that the NYU students who've taken odious parts in targetting so-called "illegal" immigrants (mainly people of color) have been "spurred on by their intolerant sponsors," (to borrow from the seminal book, "The Jewish Onslaught," by the Black, tenured Dr. Tony Martin, who so described the folk who used Hillel students at Wellesley College against him some years ago).

This use and manipulation of mainly young and impressionable female students for immoral and counterproductive purposes is reprehensible of course, but is reflected in the wider society as we observe the unprecentedly blatant and hegemonic behavior of white male D.C. War Dawg 'Deciders.'

It is past time for the distaff side of this society to stand up and move the country, away from its testosterone-induced terrorizing and violence, toward a kinder, gentler behavior.

A strong start would be to use our female consumer power to force the sponsors of that violent TV show - "24 Hours" to dump those horrific torture scenes: there's nothing humane, productive or positive about them. And did you notice that most of the torturers are white males? And who are their victims?

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