Thursday, February 8, 2007

MANY colors - ONE race

In the first place, Ms Venochi's title is dead wrong; (Hotline on Call February 4, 2007 Globe Editorials/Op-Ed/front page/ - it's not "Obama's Color Dilemma," - she should get real; it's the U.S.A.'s Dilemma!

And of course Biden (& Barack & all the rest of us are racist/colorist - as is anyone who's been subjected to our institutionally racist/colorist miseducation system - including Ms Vennochi herself - as I observed in her article -even without her taking the - she, like so many of our colleague writers, never even mentioned Red and Yellow people - only Black and white and the euphemistic, exlusionary "African-Americans;" - (are they the only Blackfolk voting?) Tch Tch Tch!

Barack's attempts to 'straddle the colorism fence' are futile - he'd have to turn white to do that. This is AmeriKKKa!

How to "...handle (colorism) race?" Just as should any candidate for public/private office, any teacher, preacher, professor, police-immigration-government department, judge, jury, prosecutor, court participant, lawyer, editor, journalist, in this racist/colorist country - by taking the Racism/Colorism Quotient Test - with follow-up psychological or psychiatric counseling where they're found to be dysfunctional in their responses to differences in color and culture!

Ms Vennochi's article, as valiant as she is for trying to describe Mr. Obama's position, is a graphic illustration of the dire need for this society to adopt the to put thorny issue of colorism on the front burner in order to deal with it " a forthright manner..." as prescribed by the erudite law professor Dr. Lani Guinier a few years ago.

Carol Taylor R.N.

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