Saturday, January 23, 2010

Anti-Racism/Colorism Self-Starter Program

Anti-Racism/Colorism Self-Starter Program

  • First of all, any hueman (my spelling) who has gone through or is going through a U.S.A. education system (with its eurocentric overview - 'uber alles') must be persuaded to understand: who they are, who were their most distant ancestors (as scientifially-proven by sound scientific revelations)*, and that their colorism-conditoned thinking is not their fault (nor should they be blamed for it) but is a counterproductive inheritance which must be abandoned.
  • Then, it is absolutely necessary for them to understand the history of the world - not just of Europe.
  • Following that should be a mandatory study of the effects of whiteEuropean colonization of countries of color and the reasons for the exploitation of their people, land and natural resources.
  • At an early stage of this de-conditioning participants should take the [posted on] and where responses are dysfunctional as to perceived differences in color and culture, Ethnotherapeutic Counseling should be undergone until the subjects can THINK STRAIGHT about color and culture.
  • It should be acknowledged that racist/colorist thinking and acting out, scapegoating others because of the color of their skins is, pure and not so simple a mental disorder(inherited) because it engages in non-reality - believing in stereotypes. In the corporate arena, because the disorder/infection is so very widespread, racism/colorism should be treated like any other addiction (like alcoholism, where it's illegal to fire the addict unless she or he refuses to undergo treatment - including Counseling). Moreover, those exhibiting racist/colorist behavior on the job should not be fired: adequate treatment should be made available - thereby promoting public health and saving companies millions of dollars in potential non-compliance government suits against them.
  • The main problem with most 'sensitivity,' 'anti-racism,' 'diversity' programs is that they mistakenly-focus on the victims of colorism rather than realistically focusing on healing the victimizers. Changes in the victims' behavior shouldn't be the goal, the goal should be on showing the victimizers how self-hamstringing their veiws and behaviors are (this 'faulty focus' is especially grievous as it applies to the Black-male-killings of police departments all over this hostile-to-color country. Police of any color don't shoot white males in the back!)

Finally, if the protracted fight against untreated racism/colorism is to yield even a modicum of success, the language folk unfortunately utilize these days must be changed, brought into line with reality: meaningless overused phrases and words such as, "raceS," "race-mixing," "out of his/her race," "inter-intra-bi-multi-racial," "racial"ANYthing: "post, groups, animosity, unity, attitudes, equity" **(or any OTHER noun - because, there is actually, Virginia, only ONE hueman 'race' which descended from the originating Black Africans* and it's way past time for progressive educators to acknowledge and teach this oh-so-basic truth - worldwide!

Let the healing continue! Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. did say that huemans should be treated, not by the color of their skin but, by the content of their character. This has relevance for the untreated color bigotry which pervades every arena of people activity all over the world: economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war (in case of disingenuous claims that certain countries "don't have a color problem").

**In fact, people who use these terms are - perhaps unwittingly - perpetuating the very racism/colorism some of them profess to dislike

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Anonymous said...

GREAT article, Carol Taylor! (But surely you MEANT DISingenuous in their claims of "no color problem...") I know, I know, it's hard to edit yerself! Kudos anyhow for your insight and care in writing about life!