Saturday, April 12, 2008


This is a modern 21st century
take on whoever it was who said "The
issue of the 20th Century is the
color line" - smart man!
( see why I spell hueman with an 'e?')

Many Colors - One race
Prejudice Is Learned - It Can Be Unlearned


11 April 2008

At this time, in this country (actually all over the world) - THE ISSUE IS 'COLOR' not 'race.'

A truthful principled person rhetorically uses 'COLOR,' because if they're sighted, that's what they see first. It's euphemistic and hypocritical to continuously repeat the word 'race' (which some keep verbally-pushing in order to keep the world's artificial barriers in place!) (and some continue to utilize in gross, pitiful ignorance) Oi!!!!

So, when one substitutes the CORRECT wording 'COLOR' for 'race,' one comes out with CORRECT rhetoric/analysis/stance!

Why do I have to continue to point this out to our otherwise wise FOLK? 'Race' this and 'race' that! - subjects a people to martyrdom! The same way some say that 'Blacks are paying for their own
destruction,' is the same way utilizing counterproductive, inaccurate phraseology contributes to our destruction! Words/language MATTER! 'Race' DOESN'T - 'COLOR' DOES!

The ONLY combining, organizing factor that the phrase 'Diasporic Pan African' possibly alludes to - is COLOR! The appeal for 'organizing' to BlackFolk with that phraseology is COLOR; surely those thusly appealed-to are the same COLOR - NOT 'race,' because, in all truthcentricity, THERE
IS ONLY ONE 'RACE,' the HUEMAN ONE. Sheesh! Is this such a hard thing to admit? If they mean 'Black,' why not say "Black?"

And, psychologically speaking, considering the fact that we are ALWAYS PUNISHED FOR OUR COLOR IN THIS WORLD, is there some subliminal repulsion operating which prevents BlackFolk from using the word COLOR instead of parroting the whiteman's term 'race,' as he insists on thusly implying
that the Black, Yellow, Brown, Red people are not of the ONE HUEMAN

But, ALL HUEMANS ARE 'OF AFRICAN ANCESTRY,' whether some of our
'desperate-for-our-own-descriptions' BlackFolk or others, who are colorist, want to acknowledge what
science has revealed or not! (Ref. Cheik Anta Diop, Dr. Frances Cress

The 'struggle' should be against the epidemic misuse of the word 'race.'

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