Wednesday, March 19, 2008


By Carol Taylor R.N.
First Black U.S.A. Flight Attendant

Jeremiah is no bullfrog
He's a true Hero of mine
Stood Man-Tall & told the truth
Instead of 'towing the line!'
(With 'Nuff Respect to Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., Pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago, Il.)

A vicious holdover from the United States of American slavery times is the arrogant continuous attempt by the white male supremacist 'establishment' to impose a 'suffer in silence' control over Black African people - especially males of color. Black folk aren't allowed to freely express anger: feel it, but don't reveal it.
Nowhere was this sad scene more prevalent than in the political arena - as the recent frenzied white male-dominated media mounted a concerted attack on the Black male presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama and, as is usual for people of color, tried to hold Obama accountable for another Black man's statements.
Consequently, how many people of color - and conscience - felt, as I surely did, what Dr. Joy deGruy Leary calls 'post slavery traumatic stress' at the racist/colorist attempts by the soul-sick white media to force - I said force, Barack Obama to repudiate Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. for his honest description of
'the way things are' in America? (Brave true words from his pulpit in Chicago)
And how gut-piercing was it to witness the apparently-forced verbal-kneeling, "Yes, Massa, we sick!' flinching by Obama as he dumped on Brother Jeremiah for telling the truth out loud: " he (Wright) is..." (Refer to NYC's WABC TV Channel 7 coverage of what they called Obama's "Race in the Race" speech)
See, even here in the 21st. Century, in this 'democratic' country, Blacks don't yet enjoy Constitutional First Amendment Rights of free speech. However, the Don Imusses, Bob Grants, Rush Limbaughs, Sean Hannitys, Pat Buchanans, David Dukes, Kelly Tillmans and Geraldine Ferraros feel no constraints in buckjumping out in public with their heinously racist/colorist statements against Black people.
Heaven forfend that any personof color even try to tell the truth about the sorry state of Black affairs in this good ol' white boy-run country! The cops are still 'Amadou Diallo-ing' and 'Sean Bell-ing' Black males to death with 41 and 50 bullets, aren't they? And handcuffing our Black 5 year old schoolchildren? And prosecuting our Black children ("The Jena 6") for protesting nooses on trees? And 'Katrina-ing' to death and still displacing/unsheltering Black folk? And, isn't New York City's unemployment for Black males over 50%?
This whole brou-ha-ha puts me in painful mind of the dismay I felt upon observing the colonial remnants of slavery extant to this day in sunny Barbados, West Indies, where many of the Black masses are still asking permission to utter 'yes' and 'no,' - "Yes, please" - "No, please."
So no one can tell me that slavery is over when people of color, including the eminent, talented Black African Senator Barack Obama, can be forced into 'the silence of the damned.' (He did say, "...Rev. Wright's comments were wrong...divisive words..."
Oh no, they were not wrong or 'divisive!' This society had already been 'divided' by inherited ad' BLOGGcolorism ever since slavery days!

Heal America! - - Everyone - subvert the dominant paradigm

James Baldwin: "There was not then, nor is there now, a single institution which is not a racist institution."
Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.: "Racism is a sin unto death."

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