Wednesday, December 26, 2007

OH Concerned One!

OH Concerned One!
Do you ever wonder WHY:

- Police would handcuff a 5 year old Black child, or persistently beat & kill Black males;
- "Playing the 'race' card" has become an epithet;"
- Anthony Baez, Eleanor Bumpurs and Amadou Diallo were killed by the cops; (including too many other Black hueman beings to list here)
- Black 'Katrina' victims are still homeless & their intact Louisiana homes are being razed;
- nooses are springing up everywhere;
- white Congressman Danny Davis was color-targeted by Chicago cops because he had 3 Black males in his car;
- unemployment rates in NYC are 50%+ for Black males;
- cops don't shoot white males in the back;
- Native Americans - Indigenousfolk are still on reservations;
- L.A. Police Commissioner (former NYC P.C.) Bratton tried to pass a proposal to 'map' 'Muslim enclaves';
- Mumia Abu-Jamal and Leonard Peltier languish in jail for decades;
- Black folk are the only huemans in the U.S.A. who have to have 'voting rights' periodically re-established;
- people in Washington D.C. - mostly Black - don't even have the vote;
- Barack Obama's chances of becoming U.S.A. President are akin to the proverbial snowball in Hell;
- despite 1954 Brown vs Board of Education, schools remain segregated in the U.S.A.;
- The NYC Fire Department - in a city with a majority people of color population - remains mostly white;
- 'The Jena 6' Mychal Bell is still in jail;
- in New York City it's mostly white male Catholic cops who kill Black males;
- Black children choose white dolls over Black dolls;
- The U.S.A. Government's Census Board - despite the fact that there's only one hueman race - divides it into 117 ' races!'

If you wonder about even one of the above - while understanding that an individual's thinking is undeniably-affected by her/his societal conditioning and you'd like to know just how victimising it is (no matter what color you are) undergoing an education system which doesn't teach that the first huemans on earth - your own ancestors - were Black Africans - then, it's important that you do take the and get your family & friends to take it too (it's a great conversation piece for family gatherings!).

Lakota, Nakota, Dakota saying: "MITAKUYE OYASIN" - "We are all related."

Law Professor Lani Guinier says that we all need to discuss racism (colorism) in a non-threatening public arena so as to put the issue 'on the front burner' in this country. AMEN

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